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Automate Sourcing


Nivaara is an one-stop online platform that will enable pharmaceutical professionals adopt a standardised and optimised approach in product sourcing of chemicals. A simplified process driven approach to source materials while significantly reducing time and costs involved has been employed at Nivaara. Moreover, on association with Nivaara customers will be provided with an comprehensive report 'Cost Sourcing Report' with an in-depth analysis and comparison of various parameters such as cost, product composition amongst others that will enable the customer to make an informed choice hereby providing them a competitive edge in the business. All of this information at no additional cost.

At Nivaara, we source the most competitive price and product information for every material query that is placed on our platform within a stipulated time frame from our extensive network of suppliers from across the country. Assurance of top-notch quality of products, along with hassle-free & timely delivery is guaranteed by Nivaara.

Customer Services

A revolution to simplify the process of sourcing chemical materials by placing an online query is adopted at Nivaara. The best-in class technology coupled with optimised procedures seamlessly connect suppliers and manufactures with buyers and customers hereby reducing the complexity of supply chain management while significantly reducing the time and costs involved in the process.

The Cost Sourcing Report provided on placing a query for the material provides in-depth information for competitive comparison of various parameters such as price, material composition amongst others from various manufactures and suppliers. Assurance of top-notch quality of material is ensured and guaranteed by Nivaara. Along with timely delivery of product, we provide all relevant documents to facilitate customer convenience. Customers are also provided with real-time information and updated with latest industry intelligence.

How to get started?

  • Register as a Customer

  • Search for your product or Send an inquiry

  • your enquiry will be directly received by the supplier for that product

  • within 72 hr you will receive reply!

  • Cost Sourcing Report

    Customer has the power to choose.
    Compare from multiple quotes received.

  • Purchase

    Buy your product in a single click.

  • Authentic product

    All products Under go Quality Check Ensuring you get the Right material

  • Timely Delivery

    You can track your shipment Right from your order Till it reach it final destination

  • Customer Satisfaction

    All your feedbacks are taken very seriously and we try our very best to deliver what you desire.

Supplier Services

Nivaara is an integrated platform that facilitates suppliers with a range of comprehensive solutions to promote and develop long-lasting, successful business relationships.

We provide assistance to sellers at every point. From free registration at the inception stage to appointing business representatives to guide our suppliers scale up their business and gain advantage from the fast growing online model for both existing and new products. Nivaara ensure ease of transacting and assures timely payments. Suppliers can access the personalised ‘dashboard’ wherein all the requisite information is available at the click of a button.

We provide sellers with the latest trends and information about evolving customer requirements in automated sourcing of pharmaceutical intermediates and products.The insights and updates provided on RFQ and RFI via email and SMS allow suppliers to stay abreast with latest industry developments while providing them with the required expertise to expand their reach not only in India but to customers across the globe.

So look no further and get listed on Nivaara and start the journey to accelerate and flourish your business right away!

How to get started?

  • Supplier registration

  • Product submission

  • Online review

  • Product listed

  • Unique Dashboard

    Transactions with customers easier than before Receive feedback on every quote sent  Notification on RFQ and RFI via email and SMS

  • International Marketing

    Receive enquires from Global customers. We provide you a complete solution for everything you need from marketing to logistics

  • Launch Pad

    We help you promote your products easily, From identification of the market to sales. Single platform to market all your products

  • Automate Marketing

    Improve customer retention Accelerate the sales cycle & Close deals faster  all information provided at real time.

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